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1. Set Details

Describe your project with as much detail as possible, including timeline, deliverables, and goals. Use clear language and mention your required skills.

2. Set Budget

Determine your project's budget and payment terms. Skillmonde allows you to choose a fixed price, hourly rate, or flexible arrangement.

Receive Bids

3. Receive Bids

Once your project is posted, freelancers can submit bids. Compare proposals and work samples to pick the best candidate for your project.

Chat with Freelancers

4. Chat with Freelancers

You can chat with freelancers who have bid on your project. Ask them questions and see if you feel comfortable with them before making a final decision. Communication is crucial for successful collaboration..

Project Details

When posting a project on Skillmonde, include the necessary details to ensure potential freelancers have a clear understanding of what is expected.


Specify what you want delivered, whether that's a report, website, or other tangible product. Be specific!

Timeline & Preferences

Mention the timeline for deliverables, how often and by which means you would like to be updated, and your availability for calls and meetings.


Required Skills

Mention the skills required for the project. Add as many relevant skills as you can think of - this will make it easier for potential freelancers to find your project.

Budget & Payment Terms

Mention your budget and how you would like to pay the freelancer, whether hourly, fixed, or other arrangements.

Budget and Payment Terms

Knowing how to set a budget and payment terms can make all the difference in finding the right freelancer for your project.

Choose a Payment Method

Skillmonde allows you to choose your method of payment, whether via our platform or through a different means. Choose what works best for you and the freelancer.

Set a Budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend for the project. Prices can vary depending on the skills required, timeframe, and complexity of the work involved.

Discuss Payment Terms

Communicate with the freelancer about their payment terms. Some freelancers request partial payment upfront, while others may request payment upon completion. Negotiate fair terms for both parties.

Receive Bids

At Skillmonde, you can receive bids from freelancers all over the world. Compare profiles, work samples, and other factors to select the best candidate for the job.

Manage Your Bids

Manage Your Bids

Gather all the responses in one location and manage your bids by sorting through the applications and accepting or rejecting them as necessary.

Choose the Right Freelancer

Choose the Right Freelancer

Compare the profiles and work samples of the chosen freelancers in order to determine which one would be the best fit for your project.

Communicate Efficiently

Communicate Efficiently

Stay on top of project updates and communicate efficiently with your chosen freelancer. Clear communication is key to successful management of a project.

Chat with Freelancers

Chatting with freelancers is an important step in selecting the right freelancer for your project. Get to know their past work, ask questions, and see if you are comfortable working with them.

  1. Sample Work
    Ask to see their professional samples and see if their past work matches your standards and expectations for the project.
  2. Communication Skills
    Test their communication skills through messaging platforms and conferencing tools. Make sure that their communication style works for you.
  3. Interest and Engagement
    Discuss the project and get a sense of their excitement and engagement level towards the project. Do they seem interested and supportive of your project?
Chat with Freelancers

Select a Freelancer

After browsing through bids, interview, and chat with freelancers, it's time to pick the right fit for your project.


Pick someone who demonstrates professionalism during the interview process. Consider their resumes, communication skills, and work samples. Professionalism will make a difference in the quality of the work.

Experience and Skills

Select someone with the relevant experience and skills needed to accomplish the project. It's important for the freelancer to have a proof of past successful projects.

Personality and Communication

It is important to have a freelancer who has a similar personality type to yours. Communication styles also should be compatible to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the future.

Communication and Project Management

Clear communication and project management can make or break a project. Effective ways of communication can save precious time and resources.

Consistent Communication

Establish a regular and consistent communication plan with your freelancer. Decide on the platform and timing rules for updates and meetings.

Clearly Define Deliverables

Set clear expectations in terms of deliverables and deadlines. Make sure you and your freelancer are both on the same page to avoid confusion and rework.

Organize Collaborative Tools

Choose the tools that are used to manage, edit and submit documents. Common tools are Google Drive, Dropbox, and Trello. Make sure you are both comfortable with those tools and agree on the process.